The Genie is on a quest to be the strongest genie in the Jinn Realm!
But he has no wealth to buy wishes, he has no fame so people could know about him and he has no power to help anyone .. that's where you come in, you know what to do !

HOW to play:
Genies fight with Wishes !
Collect lamps to get new Wishes. Wishes could be weapons, shield or potions.

Wishes are randomly generated.

Each boss has a special attack, try to find patterns in some attacks to dodge them.

The game is challenging at first, but eventually, you will get used to the game timers and cooldowns.

Sorry about not making a tutorial or an intro, but the reason actually is the limit of Construct2 Free edition which allows only 100 events, which I barely managed to fit the game code in them.

Have Fun ;)
(nice comments/critiques are welcome :)))