The Journey to the Last Oasis is a race with time and nature. Can you reach the mysterious destination before the desert claims your life ?

The story unfolds depending on where you go. If you followed the correct hints, you will move to the correct location and read new parts of the story.

Controls: Arrows to move, E to examine objects, Space to advance the story dialogue. Please read the story in each area before going to the next area.

Sorry I am not a good animator :) I tried to focus on the Story and simple Art in the 2 days I had to work on the game. All comments are welcome :)


SPOILER Solution (use only if you are really lost !):

  1. Follow the Arrow.
  2. Go left (direction of the cactus)
  3. You will find a rabbit, keep going left.
  4. Examine the rock then go up.
  5. Don't follow the blue man. Keep going up.
  6. Don't follow, the jar. Examine the tree then go left.
  7. Examine the well then go Up.
  8. Do NOT examine ANY small oasis (small lake with one tree)
  9. Examine the ruins then keep going right.


Known bugs and future work (Hopefully to be ready by Thursday 8-Sep-2016):

  • Improve the animation. It was harder than I thought !!
  • Make the ending more clear and add a simple cut-scene.
  • Improve Death screens.
  • Will add random desert landmarks (stones, broken trees...etc)
  • Sound effects and music.


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good work (y)

Nice game, good story, and I actually like the graphics.

I really got lost in the desert and thought that's the end, then I used the hint to get to the last oasis, IDK if there still any paths i didn't try.

good luck.

Thank you. It is a game about "illusion" after all :)